Duvall’s Towing Tips: How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

by | Jul 8, 2016

Many people think that towing services are only necessary in a limited number of situations, like removing an illegally parked car or picking up a car that’s broken-down. However, one of the simplest reasons for needing a tow truck is actually one of the most common: vehicle transport. Taking advantage of professional vehicle transport for special events like car shows and auctions is not only more convenient, but also cost effective and safe. DIY towing or driving the distance adds mileage and wear-and-tear to the car, but with professional vehicle transport, these repercussions are virtually eliminated. Still, the tow truck can’t do all the work! Below are some of the steps that every car owner should take before enlisting the help of a towing service for specialized vehicle transport.

The Car Should Be Clean and Functioning Properly

Before a tow truck loads up a car for transport, it’s important for the owner to make sure that the car’s fluids have been replenished, that the battery and engine are in good working condition, and that the car itself is clean. This is especially important for cars being transported to car shows and auctions. Neglecting to repair or replace any vital parts may cause complications that could have been otherwise avoided, like the inability to drive the vehicle once it’s delivered. Alternatively, if the car being transported does not run at all, this should be shared with the towing company in advance so that proper accommodations can be made before the car is loaded for transport.

The Fuel Tank Should Not Be Completely Full

While it is important for the car to be in tip top shape before transport, it is also important that the fuel tank not be filled completely before the tow truck arrives to pick it up. It may sound inconvenient, but having less than a full tank will actually help the transportation process tremendously. This is because a full fuel tank creates a heavier load for the tow truck that could cause any number of complications during loading or in transit. This is especially true when the truck is transporting more than one car. To ensure a smoother journey, car owners transporting their cars via tow truck should keep their fuel tanks at or under a quarter full.

Pre-Existing Damage Should Be Noted

If there is any pre-existing damage like scratches or dents, taking photographs or making note of it ahead of time will be useful in determining if any new damage was inflicted as a result of the transportation process. There is very little chance of this, however, since the rate at which vehicles are damaged during towing operations is statistically uncommon—especially at Duvall’s Towing Service! Still, it’s important for a car owner to inspect his or her vehicle before the time comes to transport it via tow truck.

Personal Belongings Should Not Be Left in the Vehicle

Before handing the car keys to the tow truck driver for loading, every car owner should make sure that the car is emptied of any personal belongings. There are several reasons why this is necessary. First and foremost, specialized auto transportation and towing companies are not legally responsible for any items unrelated to the cars they handle. So, items like boxes, bags, suitcases, and any other properties irrelevant to the car’s functioning should be removed prior to pick up. This will protect the items from potential damage or theft on the journey to the drop-off location. Secondly—and as stated in the section above—the weight of the car should fall within the range appropriate for its make and model in order to be towed as smoothly and as safely as possible.

Plans for Transport Should Not Be Made Last Minute

A lot of planning and coordination goes into vehicle transportation. Delivering something like a car to a specific destination is nothing like delivering a package; so, recruiting a specialized towing service for help should be something planned well in advance—weeks ahead of the desired transport date. This way, the time it takes for loading, transportation, and delivery can be mapped out with potential delays in mind.


Duvall’s Towing takes pride in all of the services we provide, including specialized vehicle transport. By following these steps and planning ahead, any car owner looking to utilize our professional transportation services for events like car shows and auctions can rest assured that their vehicle(s) will be handled with only the best care and utmost respect. Please call us at 561-432-8488 for more information or to schedule your vehicle transport.

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