Duvall’s Towing Service Transports Plane from Delray to Pompano Beach, FL

by | Nov 16, 2016

Specialty towing covers a wide range of vehicles, including motorcycles, ambulances, and antique cars. But did you know that planes could also be towed?

Many people don’t realize that certain kinds of tow trucks are designed to handle particularly heavy duty tow jobs, like planes! In fact, planes are towed all the time. When a plane needs to be transported without being flown, or when a plane is forced into an unexpected emergency landing, tow trucks come equipped with all of the gear necessary to ensure the plane’s safe delivery to its ultimate destination.

The Cessna 127

Recently, Duvall’s Towing Service was privileged with the transporting of a Cessna 127 (a single-engine aircraft with four seats and fixed wings) a total of 20 miles from Delray Beach to Pompano Beach, Florida. Our team accomplished this specialty towing service by securing the plane in dismantled parts to one of our specialty trucks. The wings were locked in place beneath the body of the plane for the journey, as shown in the image above.


It really is amazing what can be accomplished in the towing industry by a reliable towing company. All it takes is the right truck and a towing professional with years of experience. If you have a vehicle in need of specialty towing and the utmost care during transport, call Duvall’s Towing Service today at (561) 432-8488 or contact us through our easy-to-use Contact Form!


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